Sunday, 13 January 2019


How are you getting along with the Sewalong? 

All the makes are just looking so fab and I know some of you have managed to ship already so well done if you have!

I am loving seeing all your makes on Instagram and all your different versions. They are just great. Here are a few in process with the hashtag #wireflowersewalong. Go take a look and don't forget to tag yours with the hashtag and also #wireflowerfpp.

We have just under 3 weeks for makes to be sent. I hope you are on target but if not please let me know.

I am currently working on a second flower...maybe you want to include that in your Flower quilt.

Watch this space!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Wire Flower Sewalong

EDITED: Thanks for signing up! Sign ups are now closed and groups will be sorted and emailed next week.



Welcome to the Wire Flower FPP Sewalong!

Due to popular demand I am running a sewalong with my new foundation paper piecing pattern, Wire Flower. In reality this is a swap but a sewalong has a certain lovely ring to it!

The sewalong will consist of being put into groups of 9. You will then each make nine flowers, keeping one and swapping 8 with your group members and voila, you will have 9 varied blocks to make your own mini quilt!

So why join in the sewalong and not just make for yourself? Well, we all love our quilting community and making new sewing friends. Also, I don't know about you, but I am always drawn to the same fabric designers and sewing with the same types of fabrics and it's so refreshing to see what others do and mix it up a bit. You may discover new favourites along the way!

A few guidelines to make the Sewalong an enjoyable and smooth running experience...

1. You need to purchase the Wire Flower FPP Pattern from Etsy. Click on the link here.

2. You will be assigned to a group.  The number of groups will depend on how many participants we have.  Each group will include 9 people.

3. Everyone in your group will receive your mailing address so that they can ship to you directly.

4. You will sew a total of 9 blocks and send 1 to each person in your group (keeping 1 for yourself!).  You can either make them all different, or use the same fabric throughout...your choice! Just take into account people's colour likes and dislikes.

5. You may be required to ship internationally.

6. Please don't feel pressured into sending extras. This sewalong is supposed to be relatively quick, fun and inexpensive.

7. Please tag me on Instagram @karenlewistextiles when you make your final post showing all the blocks you are shipping. If you are not on IG, just send me an email when you ship.  This is just a way of keeping up with everyone. Please also tag any posts with #wireflowerfpp and #wireflowersewalong. It's great to keep up with what everyone is up to!

8. You will receive your group assignment by December 22nd via email.

9. You need to ship by January 31, 2019, unless you are swapping at Quiltcon.

10. You must email me when you ship to your group. I want to make sure that everyone sends so that everyone receives. 

Made it this far and still want to join in? Great!

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I will answer here for all to see. Someone else may have the same question!

Thank you so much for joining in...I'm really excited about this sewalong and can't wait to see what everyone gets up to! x

Friday, 16 March 2018

Southwest Modern by Kristi Schroeder


I am very excited to be the final leg of the wonderful Kristi Schroeder's Southwest Modern book tour. Last year in Savannah Kristi was telling me about her impending book...I even got a few glimpses of the beautiful quilts she was making...part travel guide part quilt book. It sounded so fresh and original and it is exactly that.

I have long since been an admirer of Kristi's modern striking quilting style and just knew it was going to be unlike any other quilting book on the market. Even though I had had an insight into the book I was gob smacked by its beauty. Firstly can I say, New Mexico? When is the next flight leaving for there?? Secondly the quilts, boy oh boy every single one of them is beautiful beyond beauty. I want to make them all.

At first glance they seem simple on the eye (that's a good thing in my book) but looking at them more closely they will challenge both beginner and experienced quilters alike (another good thing in my book).

The styling of the book itself is exquisite. The layout of the patterns themselves is so fresh and clean and clear, whilst the photos, like the ones above, show off the quilts in all their majestic glory, in the most stunning New Mexico locations. Did I mention I want to go there?

So what did I choose to make?

I could have done any one of them but I decided to choose by being fickle and seeing which one made me stop quicker than any other so I chose Mosaic, which happens to be on the front cover.

I have a few apologies about my make...

You may know if you follow me on IG that the last few weeks have been challenging personally which meant

1. I was running late for this...
2. I clearly wasn't reading instructions correctly so some of the low volume central pieces weren't placed correctly. The plus side to this is the pattern is flexible and unless you were looking at this next to the pattern you really wouldn't know!
3. I ran out of time to do the complete quilt so here is my Mosaic Mini...another plus to the book I can alter the patterns to your need/space/desire and still get a great feel for the original...ever the optimistic!

I hope you like my little mini...I sure do...but in case you wanted to see how it would look as it was intended, here's a little mock up I did with my new found Touchdraw skills...
I hope you have enjoyed my little book tour and if you would like to see more about the book check out the fab people and links below...ALSO the good news is you can be in with a chance of receiving a copy of this exquisite book. It is one you will most definitely want on your bookshelf.

1. Follow me AND follow Kristi Schroeder @initialkstudio on Instagram 
2. Please comment on this blog post to be entered to win. Bonus entries for contestants who comment/like on my IG post. (@karenlewistextiles)
3. Winner will be announced Monday.

ALSO NOTE... Kristi is having a Grand Prize Giveaway at the end of the blog hop courtesy of the following sponsors:
1. Signed copy of Southwest Modern by Lucky Spool
2. FQ bundle by Robert Kaufman
3. FQ bundle by Me & You Fabrics
Be sure you sign up for her (Kristi’s. Not mine…I don’t have that option.) email newsletter!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Pattern Drop

Heck, it's been a while!

Every time I think of revisiting my blog something always gets in the way. Let's not put any stress on by me promising to post on a regular basis but let's take baby steps and see one post at a time...who knows where it will lead!

Today's post is all about the fantastic new business by Katie Blakesley from Swim, Bike Quilt. In early December Katie is launching Pattern Drop, a new digital pattern of the month club. Such a great idea! With a Pattern Drop membership, you'll get one premium quilt pattern delivered to you each and every month. And that's just the beginning - members also get exclusive discounts, access to member-only offers and much more.

Each month you will see a pattern from a different designer. This pattern below from Amy Smart is the first amazing pattern you will get from pattern Drop.

And there's more good news...if you click on the link here and use the code KLT2FREE for a full year's membership, you will get two months free every time your subscription renews.

Are you in the EU? If so you need to head to Etsy right here to sign up and use the code EU2Months.

It's such a new and exciting venture. I can't wait to see where it takes everybody!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sew Home...

Welcome to my turn on Erin Bschlosser's book tour!

I first came across the idea of Erin's book when she approached me for using some of my screen printed fabric panels for one of the projects. I was delighted to see this project made the front cover!

Sew Home is a wonderful resource book for creating lovely handmade projects for your entire home, everything from window dressing to wall art and everything practical and decorative in between. 

As well as the book having 30+ projects, Erin has included some interesting and practical advice on choosing and using fabrics, as well as useful techniques.

Each of the 30+ projects are very well written, with easy to follow step instructions, with great accompanying illustrations. Erin has also shown what techniques will be learned/practiced for each project. It is clear Sew Home is a must have sewing book for sewing everything for the home.

When I am doing a book review I really like to make a project to get a feel for it. With my new fabric having just arrived I wanted to make something with it and so I chose the Knife Edge Throw Pillow to use as many of them as possible.

It is a great quick project to add an instant freshen up to your home. The instructions and accompanying diagrams are perfect and simple to follow. One of the techniques Erin is teaching with this project is inserting a concealed zipper. Unfortunately I didn't have one so did my usual envelope finish but I definitely want to try this.

Erin is very kindly offering a reader a copy of her book (digital copy outside US). All you need to do is leave a comment here telling me what item you would wish you could make for your home. Entry is open until Saturday. Good luck!

Go check out the rest of the book tour on these great blogs and perhaps enter their giveaways too!

Wednesday, September 21 - Sew 4 Home & Jen Carlton Bailly
Monday, September 26 - Windham Fabrics & Rebecca at Bryan House Quilts
Wednesday, September 28 - Dear Stella Fabrics & Mandy at Mandalei Quilts
Thursday, September 29 - Erin at Schlosser Designs

Oh and if you don't have any luck do go purchase a copy anyway here or here!


Monday, 19 September 2016

The Quilt Block Cookbook

Hello and welcome to my turn on The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson blog hop!

I am a big fan of Amy's bold, bright, mix up style and knew I would love her new book, particularly as the title itself is so inviting. Cook books and quilt books are my favourite books so combining the 2 had my interest at hello.

Amy opens her book with a list of 'ingredients' - basic blocks that will become the basis to all her 'recipe' bigger blocks. These 25 block pieces become all the ingredients you will need to combine in different ways to make the larger blocks. Genius and simple!

Having taken us through all the 50 recipe blocks Amy then introduces us to her selection of quilts using them. Her sampler quilts show us fresh new ways to combine blocks in really interesting and appealing layouts. A sign of a good quilt book is flicking through and wanting to make everything you see. This is that book.

These 2 sampler quilts, above and below, are case in point. I am in love with both the use of block colour in the quilt above and piecing the blocks on point in the quilt below. So fresh and modern and eye catching.

Another aspect of the book that I absolutely love is the section at the end entitled Perfect Pairings. Again Amy has taken a simple idea of combining 2 blocks together to create really striking quilts. 

It is this idea that I wanted to have a quick try of. I chose Pumpkin Pie block and combined it with a simple plus block, threw them both in the Layout App and voila, instant gratification! 

I have so many of Amy's blocks on my making wishlist, along with her ideas of piecing sampler quilts. I know I will come back to this cook book time and time again and it will become a firm favourite, but thankfully without the usual crumbs and food ingredients that mar my usual cook books!

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to read more about the book go visit this wonderful line up...

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Friday, 26 August 2016

The Quilter's Planner

I am sure you have all seen all the publicity around for The Quilter's Planner 2017 and I am beyond proud to be part of it.

I loved making the quilt for the planner and am completely in love with the fantastic photography Kitty Wilkin has done with mine and all the other stunning quilts. I want to head out to Maine right now and bask in that beautiful East Coast sunshine.

I couldn't pick a selection of all the photos that Kitty took of my quilt, so you got them all!

The planner is available now so go check out the link here to grab yourself a copy, if only to marvel at all the gorgeous quilty eye candy in there.

Here's a complete list of all the marvellous contributors in the Planner. After you see this i am pretty damn sure you will want to grab yourself a copy...