Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Y seams...

Hello and welcome to my day on the #keepcalmbrithop ingeniously thought of by Jo of The Crafty Nomad to help keep us sane and upbeat. I'm sure like me you are having good days and bad and on less good days what helps is connecting and reaching out, so here I am connecting and reaching out!

I am Karen and I am a fabric designer, screen printer, quilter and author amongst other things! You may know me as one half of the Retreat company The Thread House with my pal Jo Avery. When I am not busy with my creative endeavours I can be found roaming the fields and woods by our home with my dog, Scout in tow. I am making the most of doing a lot more of that right now. It's amazing how good getting out in the fresh air is for our sanity, now more than ever.

Whilst we are all at home self isolating, I thought I would share a tutorial for you to have fun with. Often people are very fearful of Y seams, but like anything with sewing, it's easy once you know how. It is one of those techniques where preparation is key. As long as you take the time to mark your fabrics, the rest is straight forward.

I posted a tutorial on my old blog, Blueberry Park and so click on the link here to read it. If you do and decide to make anything, please do show me. I would love to see!

I hope you are finding ways of keeping busy, safe and well.
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Stay safe...x

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