Thursday, 11 February 2016


There is only one thing I miss about our old house...spring.

It was and is my favourite season. It is full of promise of what is to come. I love that in the northern hemisphere spring comes just after new year and for me it signifies a new start. The days get lighter and bulbs start shooting through the ground.

Our old garden was full of the most wonderful spring bulbs. The snowdrops being the first sign of what was to come, gradually followed by crocuses, daffodils, clusters of grape hyacinths and lastly the bright tulips.

We have a newly planted garden in our new house with not a bulb in sight...not much of anything in sight quite frankly. The front is all pebbled...nothing pushing through the ground there. 

The up side is that a minute's walk through the field and I am by this beautiful tranquil pond by the old village green. The signs of spring are evident and I love strolling down here and seeing things change. The first year in a new house and a new area is always full of surprises. You don't know where the daffodils clumps will spring up or what indeed will emerge at all.

I do miss not being able to look out of my window and see these floral signs of spring...and I have already told my family we are doing serious planting in the autumn for subsequent years...but to take my daily stroll to take it all in in my neighbourhood more than makes up for it.

The cows are getting used to me too. Some hardly stop and stare as I go past now...