Friday, 22 April 2016

Blueberry Park Take 1...

Hello and welcome to a new feature on what is sewing with Blueberry Park.

When I starting designing fabric it was for my personal use and essentially designed something that I needed and wanted to use with my crafting, whether it was for a feature print or a nice blender.

Like all fabric collections we all use them in such different ways and to see what you all do with Blueberry Park was so exciting and such a thrill. 

It gives me such a happy feeling to catch sight of Blueberry Park in and amongst other fabrics that I thought I would have a regular feature of here on my blog to share some of the things I have loved seeing. I really love that you all love to have Blueberry Park in your stash and pull a piece to mingle with others.

I am starting this week with some glimpses of Blueberry Park in blocks sitting comfortably with other fabrics as well as a couple of peeps' lovely fabric pulls. I always love a fabric pull pic...full of promise!

Take a look at what some IG folks have been up to. All photos are here with the permission of the maker and thank you all for sharing. If you would like to be featured in one of my future blogposts just email ( a pic of your fabric pull, a snippet of BP in the making and finished works too!








Thursday, 14 April 2016

Quick & Easy Quilts Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for entering Lynne's giveaway. Unfortunately there can only be one winner...

"Love the quilt! I love so many of the quilts I've seen from this book-- some are hard to believe are quick and easy (love when they look so hard, but really they aren't!) Thank you!"

by Sarah J...congrats Sarah! Please email me and I will arrange for the book to be sent to you.

Thanks to all for your kind comments about the quilt I made from the book. It is now complete and ready to go back to Uni with No.1 son on Saturday.

Don't forget to follow the rest of the blog tour. There are more giveaways so go try your luck at one of them!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Quick & Easy Quilts...

Hello and welcome to my turn on my good friend Lynne's blog tour for her new book Quick & Easy Quilts...

I am so super excited to be able to rave about this book. Lynne and Kyle Books have done such an awesome job.

In my humble opinion a quilt book should be full of beautiful enticing quilt photos, projects that you actually want to make and great techniques and diagrams along the way to help making them as straight forward as possible. Quick & Easy Quilts does all this and more.

As you can see from these 4 photos of some of the projects in the book, Jan Baldwin the photographer has done a wonderful job styling and photographing Lynne's beautiful quilts.

These photos are just a snippet of all the fab projects in the book. Lynne has designed 20 projects no less all of which you will ooh and ahh over and want to make.
 The photography is practical too. As well as there being stunning lifestyle shots, each project has a flat shot too which is really important for seeing exactly what the quilts look like. It's such an important feature.

Each project has fantastic clear diagrams to explain techniques and processes. Again for me this is a feature I love to have in a quilt book, as I am much more drawn to following diagrams than text in a pattern. I love that Lynne has put the templates for each pattern within the project rather than all together at the back of the book. It sounds simple but not all quilt books do that and it is so much easier to find what you need.

For this blog hop I was planning on trying out a block or 2 from a project but Lynne's quilts are exactly what they say they are...quick AND easy!...before I knew it I had the whole top for one made and pieced!

I chose Birds Migrating Quilt...or rather my No.1 son chose it...he left for University last September and I had been promising him a quilt to take with him. 2 terms down the line and he was still without one. I was flicking through the book and he stopped me with a "I want that one!" 

I started cutting and piecing that evening and by the following evening the whole quilt top was pieced. It was also made quicker and easier as he said he wanted it exactly the same colours as the one in the book, so fabric selection was pretty straight forward!

I honestly can't praise this book highly enough, and not because Lynne is a good friend, but because it is so good and such a great book to have on your shelves for when you want a quick but beautiful project.

Kyle Books are generously providing a copy of the book for a giveaway so if you would like the chance to win a copy for yourself then just leave a comment below to enter. Any comment will do. It is supposed to be quick and easy after all! I will draw the winner this time next week...Thursday April 14.

Good luck!