Sunday, 25 November 2018

Wire Flower Sewalong

EDITED: Thanks for signing up! Sign ups are now closed and groups will be sorted and emailed next week.



Welcome to the Wire Flower FPP Sewalong!

Due to popular demand I am running a sewalong with my new foundation paper piecing pattern, Wire Flower. In reality this is a swap but a sewalong has a certain lovely ring to it!

The sewalong will consist of being put into groups of 9. You will then each make nine flowers, keeping one and swapping 8 with your group members and voila, you will have 9 varied blocks to make your own mini quilt!

So why join in the sewalong and not just make for yourself? Well, we all love our quilting community and making new sewing friends. Also, I don't know about you, but I am always drawn to the same fabric designers and sewing with the same types of fabrics and it's so refreshing to see what others do and mix it up a bit. You may discover new favourites along the way!

A few guidelines to make the Sewalong an enjoyable and smooth running experience...

1. You need to purchase the Wire Flower FPP Pattern from Etsy. Click on the link here.

2. You will be assigned to a group.  The number of groups will depend on how many participants we have.  Each group will include 9 people.

3. Everyone in your group will receive your mailing address so that they can ship to you directly.

4. You will sew a total of 9 blocks and send 1 to each person in your group (keeping 1 for yourself!).  You can either make them all different, or use the same fabric throughout...your choice! Just take into account people's colour likes and dislikes.

5. You may be required to ship internationally.

6. Please don't feel pressured into sending extras. This sewalong is supposed to be relatively quick, fun and inexpensive.

7. Please tag me on Instagram @karenlewistextiles when you make your final post showing all the blocks you are shipping. If you are not on IG, just send me an email when you ship.  This is just a way of keeping up with everyone. Please also tag any posts with #wireflowerfpp and #wireflowersewalong. It's great to keep up with what everyone is up to!

8. You will receive your group assignment by December 22nd via email.

9. You need to ship by January 31, 2019, unless you are swapping at Quiltcon.

10. You must email me when you ship to your group. I want to make sure that everyone sends so that everyone receives. 

Made it this far and still want to join in? Great!

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I will answer here for all to see. Someone else may have the same question!

Thank you so much for joining in...I'm really excited about this sewalong and can't wait to see what everyone gets up to! x


  1. Is it possible to complete the form more than once . . . . ie. to be in more than one group and swap more blocks Karen?

  2. I've never shipped a single block before. Any packaging advice?))

    1. Hi Polina, so glad you are joining in! I would put in a little cello bag, trying to package flat if you can.

    2. Might be a silly question, but is it ok to fold it up?

    3. Sure it is! Ok that is, not a silly question!