Sunday, 28 December 2014

new EU VAT laws...

You have probably read on other blogposts and places on the internet about new regulations regarding VAT on selling PDF patterns and other e-documents.

I am a little bit concerned about this and finding it tricky to get my head around what I need to do. 

It isn't quite as disastrous as we all first thought as there are various options out there to deal with it. However all of them are going to take some sorting out and so from Jan 1st my PDF patterns will no longer be able to be purchased.

This is very disappointing to me, especially with my Giant Hexie pattern that has proved to be extremely popular.

So basically if you have been wanting to buy it, as an instant PDF download, you will have just 3 days left as I will be temporarily removing it for purchase on Jan 1st until I have sorted out which route I will go down.

Go here to my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase my Giant Hexie Quilt Pattern, Sweetheart Quilt Pattern, or my Peg Bag Pattern.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The last workshop of 2014...

Yesterday was the last workshop of the year and what better way to finish than to have a couple of visitors from California with us!

Kelly, who I met at Fat Quarterly Retreat in the summer, came up for the day from London with her daughter Leith. It was so lovely to see Kelly again and such a pleasure to have them both join us.

I do love doing workshops. I love the fact that everyone brings something different to the table. I have never had 2 people design the same thing and every single design is truly unique and wonderful.

I love passing on the love and enthusiasm for screen printing and seeing the nerves dissipate as the day goes on and seeing the excitement increase.

And I love sitting around chatting over lunch with a group of lovely creative crafty people.

It may be the last workshop for this year, but I can't wait to start up again next year. I have some exciting venues around the UK in the spring that I can't wait to travel to. And of course there will be plenty more workshops here at my home in Leeds. If you fancy joining me for one do drop me a line!

Friday, 5 December 2014

a little history...

 I first started to design my own fabrics so I could use them in my work, to make it more identifiable as mine. 

[Jo @frankieandray]

My business was taking off and I was beginning to sell my work to shops and galleries. I was using some beautiful fabrics but I felt they were recognised as the work of the fabric designer rather than as me.

[Caroline @nightingalequilts]]

I also felt that by designing my own fabrics it gave my products a cohesive feel to my whole collection of work.

[Gretchen @simplygeometric]

It wasn't long after I started designing and printing my own fabrics that I started to get enquiries from people wanting to buy my fabrics to use in their own projects. This was a complete shocker to me as this wasn't initially why I started designing. People wanted my fabrics? Weird!

[Victoria Holder @sewgoclimbing]

And then this side of my business grew and grew...and grew...and grew! 

[Adrianne @adrianneonthewindyside]

It has become the thing I love most about designing fabric...seeing the amazing work that all of you do with it. It gives me the biggest buzz of all to see such beautiful work with my fabric.

[Donna @themodernmaker]

The fact that you wanted to buy it in the first place, spending your fabric budget on my fabric when there are so many Must Have collections about, and then making truly remarkable things, honestly it blows me away.

[Rebecca @greenandbell]

It is funny how things turn out, where our journey goes. I am not one for planning. I work fairly organically moving on from one thing and seeing how it develops and I certainly didn't envisage this!

[Adrianne @adrianneonthewindyside]

Thank you each and every one of you for buying and using my fabric in such interesting and original ways. Whether it is a little addition to other fabrics you are using or a full on Karen Lewis Textiles product, it makes me very happy! I will keep designing if you keep making and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

If you want to see more makes out there check out the hashtag #karenlewistextiles on Instagram and also go back to check the old hashtag #blueberryparkmakes