Monday, 20 November 2017

Pattern Drop

Heck, it's been a while!

Every time I think of revisiting my blog something always gets in the way. Let's not put any stress on by me promising to post on a regular basis but let's take baby steps and see one post at a time...who knows where it will lead!

Today's post is all about the fantastic new business by Katie Blakesley from Swim, Bike Quilt. In early December Katie is launching Pattern Drop, a new digital pattern of the month club. Such a great idea! With a Pattern Drop membership, you'll get one premium quilt pattern delivered to you each and every month. And that's just the beginning - members also get exclusive discounts, access to member-only offers and much more.

Each month you will see a pattern from a different designer. This pattern below from Amy Smart is the first amazing pattern you will get from pattern Drop.

And there's more good news...if you click on the link here and use the code KLT2FREE for a full year's membership, you will get two months free every time your subscription renews.

Are you in the EU? If so you need to head to Etsy right here to sign up and use the code EU2Months.

It's such a new and exciting venture. I can't wait to see where it takes everybody!