Monday, 19 September 2016

The Quilt Block Cookbook

Hello and welcome to my turn on The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson blog hop!

I am a big fan of Amy's bold, bright, mix up style and knew I would love her new book, particularly as the title itself is so inviting. Cook books and quilt books are my favourite books so combining the 2 had my interest at hello.

Amy opens her book with a list of 'ingredients' - basic blocks that will become the basis to all her 'recipe' bigger blocks. These 25 block pieces become all the ingredients you will need to combine in different ways to make the larger blocks. Genius and simple!

Having taken us through all the 50 recipe blocks Amy then introduces us to her selection of quilts using them. Her sampler quilts show us fresh new ways to combine blocks in really interesting and appealing layouts. A sign of a good quilt book is flicking through and wanting to make everything you see. This is that book.

These 2 sampler quilts, above and below, are case in point. I am in love with both the use of block colour in the quilt above and piecing the blocks on point in the quilt below. So fresh and modern and eye catching.

Another aspect of the book that I absolutely love is the section at the end entitled Perfect Pairings. Again Amy has taken a simple idea of combining 2 blocks together to create really striking quilts. 

It is this idea that I wanted to have a quick try of. I chose Pumpkin Pie block and combined it with a simple plus block, threw them both in the Layout App and voila, instant gratification! 

I have so many of Amy's blocks on my making wishlist, along with her ideas of piecing sampler quilts. I know I will come back to this cook book time and time again and it will become a firm favourite, but thankfully without the usual crumbs and food ingredients that mar my usual cook books!

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to read more about the book go visit this wonderful line up...

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  1. What wonderful autumn colors! Looks like a wonderful boook for inspiration.

  2. Excited about this cookbook of delightful quilt blocks, I must have this book.


  4. Putting those two blocks together is like magic! They are a match made in heaven...or your creative mind! I wish I could have that intuitive luck.