Friday, 22 April 2016

Blueberry Park Take 1...

Hello and welcome to a new feature on what is sewing with Blueberry Park.

When I starting designing fabric it was for my personal use and essentially designed something that I needed and wanted to use with my crafting, whether it was for a feature print or a nice blender.

Like all fabric collections we all use them in such different ways and to see what you all do with Blueberry Park was so exciting and such a thrill. 

It gives me such a happy feeling to catch sight of Blueberry Park in and amongst other fabrics that I thought I would have a regular feature of here on my blog to share some of the things I have loved seeing. I really love that you all love to have Blueberry Park in your stash and pull a piece to mingle with others.

I am starting this week with some glimpses of Blueberry Park in blocks sitting comfortably with other fabrics as well as a couple of peeps' lovely fabric pulls. I always love a fabric pull pic...full of promise!

Take a look at what some IG folks have been up to. All photos are here with the permission of the maker and thank you all for sharing. If you would like to be featured in one of my future blogposts just email ( a pic of your fabric pull, a snippet of BP in the making and finished works too!









  1. I love this line! Between the wide selection of colors and the simple, graphic prints... I really like scrap quilts and this line lends itself to that kind of quilt since it goes with anything!

  2. Love your fabric with the overlay and would love to win it as well as the thread.

  3. Blueberry park is so pretty. The colors just meld into each other. Should I win your Aurifil + Blueberry Park giveaway, I will make a quilt for someone special.

  4. I love these prints. Delicate and graphic at the same time. And the colors! Delightful! Thanks