Friday, 1 May 2015

Beyond Measure...

It's a week later and I am blogging...hurrah!
Miracles do happen!

You may have seen these beautiful wood turned pin cushions that I have been waxing lyrical over on Instagram.

This is one of those projects that I am so honoured to be part of.

I first met Grace, the owner of a new stunning online store, Beyond Measure, at GNCCF late last year.
We chatted a lot and Grace was keen to use my fabrics in her new pincushions. I wasn't sure at the time what they were going to be like but was more than happy to sell her some panels and waited to see how they turned out.

If I tell you I could have fainted on the spot when I first saw the pin cushions, it would have been no exaggeration or lie. Then when I received one...I couldn't help myself...I ordered one on the spot...they came to life so much more. The wood turned base and lid, made by an artist in the Czech Republic, is so tactile and beautiful, you don't want to let it out of your hand.
If ever there was something that was both beautiful and useful this was it.

Not unsurprisingly Grace can't make these quickly enough. This current lot she has in stock are from these 3 panels that I printed up for her last week. I actually need one of each.

Go check them out in her shop here and while you are at it see all the other special items Grace has sourced for her gorgeous shop. She certainly has a good eye. Everything is so stylish. 

...and you can currently get £2.50 off shipping by using the code 'post40' on orders over £4until May 10

...but be quick...these pincushions don't hang around for long!